Right of Way Program

We are working hard to make sure your lights stay on. Our Right of Way Program helps make that happen. By clearing trees and spraying brush, our members are less likely to have a power outage caused by limbs or trees falling on the line. You may see men working and their vehicles will be marked to clear the right of way on your property. These men will be wearing hard hats and neon vests. As always, if you spot unusual activity call the sheriff.


Withers Construction

Moss Farms

J&J Professional Tree Services


North Texas Land and Construction

Right Of Way Projects

North of Avery
Contractor: Withers Construction

South of Noble Gin
Contractor: North Texas Land and Construction

Maxey to Hopewell to Caviness
Contractor: Texar

FM 910 South of Clarksville
Contractor: Withers Construction

FM 409 Southeast of Clarksville
Contractor: North Texas Land and Construction

Side Trimming Projects

There are no side trimming projects active at this time.

Hot Spot Tree Crew

J&J Professional Tree Services is the contractor for this job.
The Hot Spot Tree Crew will be working throughout our service area targeting trees that are currently touching or near touching the electric lines. Longer stretches of right-of-way will continue being bid out.

Foliar Spray

All foliar spraying has been completed for the 2018 summer season.