2017 Youth Tour Winners

The 2017 Youth Tour Winners are Sarah Teubner and Kylea Basden.

Sarah Teubner, the daughter of Rebekah and the late Mike Teubner of Novice,
is a junior in Homeschool. (Pictured on left)

Kylea Basden, the daughter of John and Patricia Basden of Powderly, is a junior at North Lamar High School.(Pictured on right)

Contestants submitted an essay on the topic, “How will electrical needs be met in the future?”
In June, the three students will join about 120 other students from Texas. Before leaving for Washington, D.C., the students will tour the Texas Capitol and learn about state government in Austin. Then they will fly to Washington for a week of fun and educational events. While there, they will visit their congressional representatives, spend a day on Capitol Hill and tour the Smithsonian Institution and many other popular sites. Selected students from the group will also participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

Youth Tour 2017

cameronwhitehouse53Each year, Lamar Electric Cooperative selects two high school students to attend an all-expenses-paid tour of Washington, D.C., which includes visiting the U.S. Capitol and meeting members of Congress. Eligible students must be in 10th, 11th or 12th grade and live full time in a residence served by Lamar Electric Cooperative or attend one of the four high schools served by the co-op: Prairiland, Roxton, Detroit and Faith Christian. Home-schooled students served by Lamar Electric Cooperative are also eligible. Applications must be complete with a three-page typed essay titled “How will electrical needs be met in the future?” and submitted to Lamar Electric Cooperative no later than 5 p.m. on February 10, 2017. Application may be accessed here. Submit by e-mail to dctrip@lamarelectric.coop, or in person at 1485 North Main Street, Paris. It’s that easy!


SmartHub App: How to Check Your Usage

SmartHubThe “My Usage” feature in the SmartHub app offers our members a quick snapshot of how much energy is used, and allows members to compare that usage over time and against weather data.
Why should our members care? Tracking usage will help members determine if they are using more energy than usual, so they can make adjustments before getting an unexpectedly large bill. In addition, having access to this information can help our members make wise energy decisions.
For instructions on how to review your usage on an Android device CLICK HERE.
For instructions on how to review your usage on an Apple device CLICK HERE.

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