Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Requests for Cooperative Information
To describe the policy and procedure whereby members may obtain information about their cooperative, and to describe such information that may not be released because of its special or confidential nature.
Cooperative principles promote the idea of an informed, educated membership. In furtherance of this ideal, the cooperative will make readily available to its members any information they request that is germane to their interests as members, only with the exception of information the revelation of which would be adverse to the best interest of the cooperative or its members.
A. Members will be readily provided routine information which affects their involvement in and patronage of the cooperative, including rate schedules, service rules and regulations, Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, board policies, operating and other financial reports that are regularly presented to the board or supplied to lending agencies, member publications, minutes of member meetings, and their own billing history.
In order to protect members of Lamar Electric Cooperative and its employees, no information of any kind will be released to anyone that is not listed on a members account. Be it over the phone or in writing.
When information is requested to be in writing, Lamar Electric must first obtain written permission from the person(s) listed on the account which shall include identifying information along with a signature. A third party may also obtain this information if they can show power of attorney.
In cases of death of a Lamar Electric member, family members may obtain this information if they can provide the co-op with a death certificate and if they can show they are the proper legal representative of the estate.
B. Other information will be provided, except that which is confidential or private, concerning individuals employed by the cooperative such as:
1. Wages or salaries and benefits of specific employees
2. Any employee’s (including the chief executive’s) personnel file or records, or any other person’s file or record if and to the extent which would entail, or run significant possibility of entailing, an invasion of such employee’s or other person’s privacy. (If a member wants to know how the cooperative determines the compensation of employees, the chief executive or his designee will explain this.)
C. Information which is of a confidential corporate nature will not be provided to members, such as:
1. The names, addresses, or telephone numbers of the members, past and/or current; or
2. Any information which constitutes a trade secret, process, program, trademark, or other legally protected confidential information or thing owned, protected in confidentiality or contract by the cooperative.
D. General access to minutes of the board or its committees shall not be provided. Excerpts from a particular meeting concerning a specific action shall be made available to a member upon request unless it contains information mentioned in “B” and “C” above.
The General Manager shall be responsible for the administration of this policy.