A lightning strike hit our main communication tower at Lamar Electric this Saturday (11/30). We were able to reroute our communication with meters, except to our Marvin Meter Point. This is affecting our SmartHub app. It is not currently displaying the daily usage for members in Bairdstown, Jennings, Marvin, View Point, Clardy, and surrounding areas. Lamar Electric is receiving meter readings for billing but you may not be able to view daily usage on SmartHub at this time. This will be corrected after the damaged equipment is replaced.

Checks Uncashed

In June 2018 we issued many capital credit checks. Several have gone uncashed. Some of the recipients of these checks are listed here. These people or businesses need to contact us in order for us to reissue the check. Our number is 903-784-4303.

Ag Exemptions Expiring

Ag Exemptions Expiring

If you are claiming a sales tax exemption on electricity used in the production of agricultural or timber products, you must renew your exemption by December 31 through the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Otherwise, the co-op will be required to charge sales tax beginning in January. In addition, you will need to provide a new tax exemption certificate to Lamar Electric Cooperative by January 1.

How To Renew Exemption Registration

There are several options for renewing your exemption registration: online, by phone or by mail. Renewal by phone is the easiest. Simply dial 1-844-247-3639 any time day or night and the phone system will ask you to key in your existing exemption number. That is all you have to do. Those applying by phone will receive their new registration card by mail in about seven days. Renewal by mail requires you to return a copy of your reminder letter and could take 4-6 weeks.

Renewal can also be done online by accessing: www.comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/ag-timber/. If you want to renew online, you will be first asked to log in with your user id and password. You will then need the “webfile number” from your reminder letter. Online is a bit more complicated but in the end, you can print your own new registration card.

For more information, contact the comptroller’s office at www.comptroller.texas.gov or call 1-800-252-5555.

What To Do When Your New Registration Arrives

Once you have received your renewed registration card in the mail, you will need to fill out the appropriate sales and use tax exemption certificate. A copy of the renewed registration card along with a completed tax exemption certificate needs to be turned in to the Lamar Electric Co-op office or e-mailed to DeLana McFadden at delana@lamarelectric.coop.

You can pick up the blank agricultural exemption and timber exemption certificate forms in our office located at 1485 North Main, Paris, Texas 75460. You can also print these forms from our website at www.lamarelectric.coop. Look under forms and applications on the left side of the webpage