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Lamar Electric Cooperative
Outage Update 4/29/16

We have several single home outages scattered throughout our service area. We have all of our crews and a contracted crew out right now working to restore power as quickly as possible.

SmartHub Outage Reporting

Smart Hub Outage Reporting Instructions


How to Report an outage on the SmartHub Website

Step 1: Click the Smart Hub image to the right of this message, OR click Report an Outage to the right of this message, OR Visit and login to your account.

Step 2: Click the “My Profile” tab.

Step 3: Click the Outages link on the far left.

Step 4: Review your status. If your service location is part of a known outage, you will see a message alerting you of the known outage. You may review Past Outages by clicking the “Past Outages” tab.

Step 5: To report your outage, click “Report an Outage”. Enter any useful information about your outage in the comments field.

Step 6: Click Report Outage.


For a more detailed explanation of how to report your outage on the SmartHub website, click here for page one and click here for page two.


How to Report an outage on the SmartHub App

Step 1: Open SmartHub app and tap the Service Status icon.

Step 2: Review your status. If you are not experiencing an interruption in service, “no known issues” displays. In the event your service location has been identified as part of a known outage, “your power may be out” displays along with the date and time service was last and the affected meter number.

Step 3: To report an outage tap “my power is out”

Step 4: Tap the comments filed and add any helpful information about your service interruption.

Step 5: Tap submit. Tap “close” to return to the Service Status screen.


For a more detailed explanation of how to report your outage on the SmartHub app, click here.


Deposit Refunds Go Unclaimed

Deposit Refunds Go Unclaimed

Lamar Electric Cooperative is attempting to locate former members who have not cashed refund checks issued in March 2012 through February 2015. The checks are for deposits, final bill refunds or membership fees.

“Many of these checks go unclaimed because members fail to provide us with a forwarding address. These checks are returned to us by the postal service,” said Director of Communications, Katie Morris. Lamar Electric is only allowed to hold funds for a certain amount of time, and is required by law to send unclaimed money to the state of Texas. Those who have not claimed their refund may need to file a claim with the state of Texas in order to receive their refund.  Should your name appear on the list or if you are the legal heir to the estate of an account, whose name is on the list, please contact Lamar Electric at 903-784-4303 to claim your refund.

A list of names can be found by clicking "read more" below.


Closed on Good Friday, March 25

Outage Updates

Information below is regarding the outage on March 17-19, 2016.

Due to the massive amount of broken poles and damage from the storms, Lamar Electric has brought in 3 contract companies to help install poles and restore power as well as a large crew from Wood County Electric Co-op, who are on the job replacing poles and picking up wire.

Several people have damage to their meter loop. Once an electrician had made those repairs, let us know so we can reconnect your meter loop.

With a windstorm of the magnitude that we have experienced, there are bound to be trees that have been damaged that will fall in the next few days, so have patience with us as we deal with those situations.

Due to the amount of rain and difficulty getting equipment to any of the broken poles, temporary repairs were done at several sites until the ground dries out to make permanent repairs.

Lamar Electric appreciates all of the patience with the membership as we have all worked through the difficulties of the storm together. Many members helped us moved trees out of the road and yards to allow access for repairs.

We made it through, members! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement towards our crews!



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