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Lamar Offering $1,000 Reward
Written by Dena Beason   

Lamar Electric is reaching out to the public to help fight copper theft.  In the past 3 weeks copper thieves have targeted the Maxey area.  “Copper thieves have stolen over 70 spans of wire (approximately 5 miles), broke into a vehicle to steal tools, and copper thieves broke into a mobile unit near our Brookston substation”, said Dena Beason Director of Communications at Lamar Electric. “This careless act is going to cause someone their life; either the thieves, our linemen, or a member.” “It’s just a matter of time”, stated Beason.

Lamar Electric Paid $155,000 in Capital Credits

Lamar Electric is now writing checks to former members for capital credits.  Capital Credits are the difference between Lamar Electric Cooperative’s operating costs and revenue.  Because Lamar Electric is a non-profit cooperative, any revenues left over after expenses are returned to the member-owners.

“Last June the Board of Directors authorized applications for retirement of capital credits to the estates of deceased members” stated Dena Beason Director of Communications at Lamar Electric. “Since, June of last year Lamar has received more than 100 applications and the Board of Directors have approved payment of over $155,000 to spouses or heirs of deceased members,” stated Beason.

Lamar Upgrading Powerlines
Written by Dena Beason   

The electric load along Highway 82, Old Bonham Highway and in the Forrest Hill community have increased over the past few years.  In order to provide better service and maintain good voltage on these hot summer days, Lamar Electric is in the process of upgrading the electric lines that serve those areas.  The main three phase power line will be replaced with much larger wire and certain poles will be changed out.  Operating at 14,400 volts and larger wire allows for larger load capacity to be placed on the power lines.

Copper Thieves Are At It Again
Written by Dena Beason   

Copper theft is an ongoing problem in Texas and has recently hit the Lamar Electric system. Not only is stealing wire from the power system illegal, it can be deadly.

Copper thieves were working late into the night the past couple of days along County Road 34300 in the Maxey community.  The sheriff department notified Lamar Electric last Tuesday they had received a report of possible copper theft along County Road 34300.  According to Scott Sansom, Line Superintendent at Lamar Electric, “We assessed the damage on Tuesday and filed a report with the sheriff's department that 20 spans (almost 1.5 miles) of wire had been stolen.”  “On Wednesday, Lamar Electric replaced the missing wire and realized nine more spans had been stolen Tuesday night,” said Sansom.    Lamar Electric has started using copper plated steel to deter theft, but copper is an essential part of Lamar’s electric system.


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