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Written by Dena Beason   

Lamar Electric is attempting to locate former members who have unclaimed checks that were issued in 2011-2013 that have not been cashed. The checks are final bill refunds, deposits, and membership fees that were due to the member after their electricity was disconnected. A lot of people did not give us a forwarding address and their check was returned by the post office. We are only allowed to hold your funds for a certain amount of time, after that we are required to report the money to the State of Texas. You will then have to file a claim with the state to receive your refund.

Osmose Inspecting Poles

Pole inspectionsIn order to provide better service, Lamar Electric Cooperative has hired a contractor to inspect and re-treat their wood poles.  The contractors will be working around all the poles in north Red River County (north of Highway 82) as well as White Rock, Dilworth, Reeds Settlement, Dimple, Negley, Manchester, Vessey and ending north west of Silver City at the Red River.

Scammers Are Targeting Electric Cooperatives

Phone ScamScammers have contacted electric cooperative customers throughout the state of Texas. These thieves have been posing as cooperative employees and are trying to steal your money and personal information.

These thieves are primarily targeting the elderly, but have been known to target businesses as well. The caller informs the customer they are behind with their payment and there is a truck headed to their house to disconnect power if they did not pay over the phone or go to Walmart and send the money. 

Youth Tour Winners Announced
Miranda McNabb Trey Scudder
Miranda McNabb Trey Scudder

Miranda McNabb and Trey Scudder are the winners of the Government in Action Washington, D.C. Youth Tour Essay Contest.

The two are among about 100 students from other cooperatives in Texas who will make the trip to the nation's capital for a tour of its many historic sites from June 12-20.

Heirs of Lamar Electric Members May Apply for Retirement of Capital Credits

Applications for retirement of capital credits to the estates of deceased members are now available to the surviving spouse or heirs of deceased members, regardless of when they died.  If your spouse died or you are the heir to a member that died, you can come by our office or call to request an application packet be mailed to you.


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